Releasing Creativity

When you find yourself in the creative moment, you should explore it right away. When you least expect it, the part of your brain that controls what we sense as creativity activates on its own . That is why you always have to be ready to explore that moment.

For example, this post was sparked by a random thought that gave me an idea on how to better my business. While I wrote down that idea, more ideas came and I quickly wrote each of those down as well. If you ride the “wave,” as I did for this post then you’ll be able to continue the flow of creativity. And record your ideas so that you can further explore them.

Ways to Capture your creativity

  • Take a Picture
  • Draw a Picture
  • Record an Audio Note
  • Type a quick Note in your phone

The best part is that everyone’s method is different. For me, taking voice memos and notes in my journal works best. For you maybe drawing a picture, or even taking a photo may do it.

Releasing More

Whatever it is, you have to be ready and mindful to record the creative spark wave because your memory may fail to remember the glimpse into your creativity. The moment you refocus your attention on what you were doing you lose the spark.

Be prepared because the little director in your head will shout ACTION when you least expect it. Follow up or risk loosing valuable ideas to the brain pit!

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